Traffic Noise Assessments

The Noise Insulation Regulations 1975 sets a number of conditions which if met, entitle residents near to a new or modified road to the provision of a scheme of sound insulation measures. This would usually arise as a result of a standalone road scheme (either a new road, or a modification to an existing one), or part of larger scheme such as a supermarket or retail park.

Entitlement is determined with reference to the noise levels before and after the construction or modification of the road(s) in question as determined using the methods set out in Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN). The preferred method described by this document is by calculation, and based on traffic counts provided to us we can easily predict the noise levels over a wide area using Cadna/A 3D modelling software. If required we can also undertake traffic noise surveys either over the full 18 hour period required by CRTN, or using the short form of measurement’ defined in the document, as appropriate to the development.