Noise and Vibration Surveys

We are fully equipped to carry out a wide variety of noise and vibration surveys using the latest equipment. Our wide ranging capabilities mean that we can arrange a survey to suit your budget, the site conditions, any client or council requirements, and the requirements of any governing document (eg PPG24, BB93, BS 7445, BS 6472, BS 4142). Typical examples of survey requirements would be:

  • short term attended measurements (e.g. to determine background noise levels in support of a planning application for a new plant installation)
  • long term unattended measurements using a multi meter setup (e.g. to determine the glazing specification for a residential conversion)
  • single or tri-axial vibration measurement (e.g. to determine the impact of a nearby train line on a new office development)

Survey results would generally either form the basis of a standalone report containing the data, or be part of a larger noise impact assessment report with subsequent analysis and design work.